Eat My Shorts 5

Tony Alamo & Trader Joes:

Readers know that I’m no fan of cults. So I was appalled to learn that Trader Joe’s in Canyon Country, Ca, has been donating food to Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, a cult lead by an imprisoned child abuser. I’m certainly not opposed to charity but as Carrie Poppy explains,

Unfortunately, rather than simply offering the food to those who need it, the ministry (operating under the name 21st Century Tabernacle) gives food only to those who come to its nightly services, then use these services to convince vulnerable visitors to become part of the church, often giving up their entire savings and all of their subsequent income to the church, says a source.

If you have never heard about Tony Alamo and his church then check out this investigation of the church on the Oh No Ross and Carrie podcast.

Skeptical Punk Patches:

Got some pants in need of patching? Wanna get your denim vest looking good for the next Skeptics in the Pub? Well Jesse Markus, AKA Juicky Karkass, a punk-rapper based out of Portland has you covered. You can buy these patches by clicking here. The Novellas patch was actually based off a design I suggested. Definitely my favorite…well actually, that NDT patch is pretty awesome too!

Got your own design ideas? Personally I want a Millions of Damn Chiropractors patch.

The Amaz!ng Meeting 2014:

The date for The Amazing Meeting 2014 has been announced, July 10th-13th. As with previous years I’m really going to try to attend and organize another vegan meet-up that is bigger and better than ever before. I look forward to TAM all year and am only able to attend because of the generosity of others.

If you want to join me at TAM but can’t afford the ticket price then I encourage you to apply for a grant yourself. It is still fairly early so I think you have a good chance if you apply soon. If you see me there say “Hi”, I’ll be the one with the face full of Ronald’s donuts.

Room for Rod?:

To finish off I want to just leave you with something to chew on with the following piece from Ian Smith titled, Is There No Room for Rod Coronado in the Animal Rights Movement? The Problem with Veganism as the Moral Baseline. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

3 Responses to “Eat My Shorts 5”

  1. M Simon Says:

    Room for Rod?

    We have to stop exploiting the earth in any way. I recommend starvation until we have better methods. The Germans of 1933 to 45 knew how to deal with exploiters. And of course the Soviets and Chicoms also did creditable if incomplete jobs. Pol Pot did pretty good for a small country leader.

    And you decry Christian cults. I dunno. Wrecking other’s property because you don’t approve of how they live seems a little uncivilized. Why not convince them to change? Or are your arguments too weak?

    When are you going to stop exploiting plants? See how that works? What? You can’t live without eating SOMETHING? Well plants have feelings. You exploiter you. Try rocks. In 90 days on my all rock diet you will completely eliminate the need to exploit plants or animals.

    And if that catches on I’m going to start a “stop exploiting rocks” movement.

  2. Anna Says:

    Wouldn’t Millions of Dead Chiropractors be closer to the name and the spirit of the original MDC?

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