What’s The Harm To Animals?

This page is a work in progress. Here I will collect various reports of how a lack of critical thinking harms not only our fellow humans but non-human animals as well. You can help by sending me any relevant reports or news stories. This page was inspired by the original What’s The Harm site run by Tim Farley.

Geckos killed to make AIDs remedy in Philippines

Blood & feathers of captive falcons used for homeopathic proving

318 Rhinos killed in 2010 alone for their horns, often used in “Traditional Chinese Medicine” for a variety of ailments

Thousands of bears locked in cages with catheters inserted into their gallbladder to collect bile for “Traditional Chinese Medicine”

Mother bear kills cub and self to escape horrors of bile collection for TCM

Supernatural & Paranormal
Villagers in South Africa stone & burn alive a “talking” vervet monkey for witchcraft




hundreds of animals killed over the years in “animal trials”


One Response to “What’s The Harm To Animals?”

  1. DaveD Says:

    I like this idea! Some more to add FYI:

    Black Rhinos now extinct

    1000 tigers killed in the past decade:

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